I am flower child now. Get over it, mom.

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so i was just playing around with my keyboard and i was able to spontaneously pick out the melody of all is full of love by Bjork!

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Faroe Islands (dream)

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feelin blue



~*~giveaway time!!~*~

wow! i recently hit a certain number of followers, and now I’m doing a giveaway! 

the prizes are: *an egg tshirt in your size**all my zines**all my prints**destroy all oppressors patch**a 5x7 original art of your choice**

tha rules:
- you must be following me, serastanton
- likes and reblogs count 
- i will pick the winners randomly at midnight on July 27!
-first place can pick three things, second place two and third place one, depending on availability (ie there is only one patch left, and i only want to do one 5x7 original)

awesome! good luck everyone! ps this image is transparent, wow cool

5 more days til I pick the winner! I’m in the middle of nowhere til then w no Internet…


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